How Safe are Safe Bets in Sports?

The idea that some bets are ‘safe’ is a huge misconception, but basically the term ‘safe bet’ is used when betting on a team that is heavily the odds on favorite. In other words, the team is very likely to win and it would be a huge upset if they did not.

But how safe are these ‘safe bets’ in sports really?

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One thing worth keeping in mind is the odds system that is in use. If payout odds are in use then you’ll probably end up winning the ‘safe bet’ but end up with a small payout for whatever bet you’ve made. On the other hand, if overs and unders are used you may find that you’re forced to give the opposing team a lot of points – in which case the bet might not be as ‘safe’ as you imagine.

It is worth remembering that in most of the popular sports – upsets do happen. Granted they may not happen often but from time to time even the heaviest favorites may end up falling. The question is whether or not they’ll do so when you’ve wagered on them, and that is something that is impossible to tell.

The problem is that lets say you’re betting on several ‘safe bets’ where you’re betting $10 to win $1 each time. If you win 9 times but lose 1 time, you’ve still ended up losing $1 overall. In other words, it just takes that one loss to potentially wipe out your winnings from numerous other safe bets.

Be sure to check out the odds that Unibet and other bookmakers are offering. At the end of the day, these odds are what will help determine whether or not it is worth making the safe bet or not. If the odds are too long, it might not be worth pursuing as the payout will be too small to be worthwhile.